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Tell us your Columbia story

This is the space for anyone who wants to go a little more in depth with their experience here in Columbia. Maybe that stems from a memory or a special person you met. Perhaps you want to tell us what Columbia means to you or what this community must do to thrive in the future. Whatever the prompt, this is a forum for publishing those thoughts and sharing them.

Before submitting your post, please read the guidelines below. Happy writing!


  1. Be respectful. We won't publish offensive language or content. Criticism and debate are welcomed and expected, but this is not a platform for personal attacks.

  2. Be constructive. This is a project that will inform where we go from here. The past is relevant, but let's use what we've learned to build a future.

  3. Be concise. In order to keep our stories as engaging as possible, we ask that you keep your post to 2,000 words or less.

  4. Be creative. Images are awesome. If you have a picture that reflects what you're saying, upload it along with your submission!

  5. Be transparent. We encourage all writers to add their name to submissions so we can publish them on this platform and give credit where credit is due.

When you're ready to submit, use the form below, or send your blog post to us at

Need help getting started?

You can find some inspiration on our Conversation blog page, or maybe one of these prompts will help with any writer's block:

  • Columbia is ...

  • Columbia cannot ...

  • Columbia must ...

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Submission doesn't guarantee publication. If we choose not to publish, we'll do our best to tell you why, and where possible, help you understand what can be done to overcome the issue.

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