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A Conversation Starter

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Columbia is my home.

It's not my hometown. I wasn't born here, and I didn't grow up here. I moved here as an adult, with my wife and infant daughter, and since then we've had another daughter, bought a house, and pretty solidly settled in.

These days I work for Columbia Association. I oversee the marketing, communications and customer care divisions, which means that there are many ways to engage with CA that fall under my responsibility. Of course, the most meaningful ways that people engage with CA are through the programs we provide, the open spaces and pathways that we maintain and the facilities that we operate, and I have enormous admiration for the teams that deliver that value.

All of this is meant to be a quick introduction to this thing we're calling the Columbia Conversation.

Over the summer and into the early fall, we want to connect with as many people as we can and give them every opportunity to have a voice in this community. It really is as simple as that.

This isn't about Columbia Association. At least, it's not ONLY about Columbia Association. We're talking about Columbia as a community and as a place, which is bigger than CA alone. Of course, CA is a big part of what makes Columbia what it is, and the decisions that the organization makes about programs, facilities and investments needs to reflect our collective needs and preferences.

I expect this Conversation to be messy and dynamic. It's certainly not about finding agreement on everything - we all have our individual opinions about what's important and what's not, and we see the world and our community through our own lens. I hope above all that it will be constructive, civil and represent the pride and optimism that I carry for this place that I call home.

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