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You deserve to be heard

There are a lot of people who care deeply about Columbia. Everyone has their own ideas, opinions, thoughts, concerns and dreams for our community.

But where do you voice those? How do you share them? And is anyone actually listening?

The Columbia Conversation is designed to be a space where we can come together and, well, talk.


The more we all engage, the more we all learn. It’s really that simple. And it shouldn’t be difficult to find places to do that. 

This is your chance to express what you love (and don’t love) about this community. Columbia Association (CA) has initiated this effort because we want to offer opportunities to tap in, get involved and feel more invested in our shared future. Hopefully, it will get us all thinking about what we value and how we want to grow.

Let's start talking

What we know right now is getting started should be easy and exciting. Tap into a topic you're already passionate about or think deeper about something new. It's up to you! 

We want to empower as many people as possible to join in on the conversation. All ideas, perspectives and contributors are welcome. Click here to check out the different opportunities you have to be involved.


We don’t have a specific destination in mind for where this conversation will go, but we’re committed to getting it started. More importantly, we’re interested in listening to where you want to take this conversation about Columbia.


The important thing is you have a platform to share what matters to you about our community.


CA will work to ensure that this is a safe space where discussions are respectful and constructive. But more than anything, we're really here to listen. When we can, we’ll use this feedback to inform our own decisions at CA. We’ll also look for opportunities to pass information onto our partners in the community.

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Keep the conversation going!

The Columbia Conversation Facebook group is a great place to post your thoughts, opinions, comments and feedback about our community and interact with others who care.

Contact us

Have a question about this project? Have an idea to improve it?


The Columbia Conversation was created under the strategic direction of CA President/CEO Lakey Boyd with support the CA Communications & Marketing team.

Lakey Boyd
Columbia Association

Tim Pinel
Director of Communications & Marketing
Columbia Association

Dannika Rynes
Sr. Manager, Communications & Media Relations
Columbia Association

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